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    Default 10 Cheapest Cars in the World Nowadays

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    10 Cheapest Cars in the World Nowadays

    Because We were often talking about the most expensive things in the world here, Letís talk about the reverse thing. Talk about the cheapest. Hereís the top 10 of the cheapest car in the world nowadays.

    10. Renault Dacia Logan: US$ 9.477

    cheapest cars 10 renault dacia logan

    Renault Dacia Logan

    9. Fiat Palio: US$ 9.242

    Fiat Palio

    8. Hyundai i10: US$ 9.096

    Hyundai i10

    7. Tata Indica: US$ 8.500

    Tata Indica

    6. Chery A1 : US$ 7.340

    Chery AI

    5. Geely HQ SRV : US$ 5.780

    Geely hq srv

    4. Geely MR : US$ 5.500

    Geely Mr

    3. Suzuki Maruti : US$ 4.994

    Suzuki Maruti

    2. Chery QQ : US$ 4.781

    Chery qq

    1. Tata Nano : US$ 2.497

    Tata Nano

    The Tata Nano is a rear-engined, four-passenger city car built by Tata Motors, aimed primarily at the Indian market. The car has a fuel efficiency of around 26 kilometres per litre (73 mpg-imp; 61 mpg-US) on the highway and around 22 kilometres per litre (62 mpg-imp; 52 mpg-US) in the city. It was first presented at the 9th annual Auto Expo on January 10, 2008, at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India.Nano had a commercial launch on March 23, 2009 and a booking period from April 9 to April 25, generating more than 200,000 bookings for the car. The cars started to be delivered to customers after July 17 2009.


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