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    Default Wedding Bells for Kavi and Bulbul in Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath!

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    Even as Sun-Inspector Kavi is busy solving cases in Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath, he finds time to marry Bulbul.

    Hum Ne Li Hai...Shapath on Life OK is a thriller and action packed show, which talks about various emotions the cops go through while they solve cases.

    About the upcoming episodes our source says, "Bulbul (Divyaalakshmi) will be uniting her team mates namely Roshni (Vibhuti Sharma) and Mayank (Pankaj B Singh), as Mayank and Roshni are in love with each other but scared to confess. Bulbul will encourage their romance, and get them closer to each other.

    However, after the re-union there will be a mysterious ghost track which the cops resolve."

    Furthermore it will also be shown that Sub- Inspector Kavi (Aamir Dalvi) and Bulbul will take nupital vows.
    When contacted Divyalakshmi, she said, "I cannot comment anything on the future track, you guys have to wait and watch."



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