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    Default Shapath to present a 'Time Travel' series in January; Danish, Samiksha, Ali and Gurpreet roped in

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    The Supercops in Life OK’s popular show Shapath will be getting a larger than life persona as they will go back in time for an exciting fresh series. And what’s more, one can see costume drama at its best in this series.

    Yes, the long-running Fireworks Productions show will gear up for the series ‘Time Travel’ in January 2015. And this series will open up with a story titled ‘Pyaar Ki Imaarat’ wherein the cops will go back in time and reach the Before Christ era.

    The episodic will feature Danish Bhatt, Gurpreet Bedi, Samiksha Singh and Ali Hassan.

    Danish will play the role of the King Yayavant while Samiksha will be his lawfully wedded wife, Mrignayani. The king who would be truly in love with his wife will build a ‘Pyaar ki Imaarat’ as a gift for her.

    However, their love tale will see hurdles in the form of Ali Hassan who would play an evil character who would fall for the Queen. He will try to destroy the monument of love, and will be helped by his associate, played by Gurpeet. The story will revolve around how four cops will go back in time to save and protect the Pyaar ki Imaarat.

    When contacted, Ali Hassan confirmed the news of shooting for Shapath, but asked us to call him later.

    Samiksha Singh told us, “Yes, I play the Queen for whom the imaarat gets made. It is a nice experience shooting for Shapath.”

    Aamir Dalvi, Inspector Kavi of Shapath said, “Yes, it is true that Shapath will have a series where cops go back in time to fulfil agendas. In the first story, Kavi along with few other cops will be going back in time.”

    We hear that as the story would progress, it will be revealed that Kavi will have a back story to connect with the King.

    This is supposed to be the biggest episode ever of Shapath, and the costumes given to the characters will be a visual treat.

    Watch this spectacular story on 10 and 11 January 2015.



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