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    Default Pretty Paper Roses

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    Step 1

    Prepare a piece of square paper. Place the paper on a flat surface.
    Step 2

    Fold the paper horizontally. Make sure that each part are of the same sizes. Open up the paper. You should have seven lines dividing the paper horizontally, giving you eight equal length horizontal bars.
    Step 3

    Repeat step 2 for this step. But, this time fold it vertically instead. Unfold the paper and you will have seven lines dividing the paper both vertically and horizontally each, giving you eight horizontal plus the previous eight vertical bars in their equal lengths.
    Step 4

    Fold the paper diagonally both ways.
    Step 5

    Open up the paper. Face the colored side of the paper up towards you. You should now have two lines dividing the paper diagonally, giving you four triangles.
    Step 6

    Rotate the paper and fold up its four corners.
    Step 7

    Fold the paper in half. Face the colored side of the paper up towards you.
    Step 8

    Fold the lower part marked by the red line upward.
    Step 9

    Open up the paper. Fold the four corners of the paper.
    Step 10

    Fold the paper diagonally both ways along its red cross lines.
    Step 11

    From step 10, when you fold the paper diagonally two times along the red lines, youll make a diamond shape.
    Step 12

    Fold up the paper along its red line.
    Step 13

    Open up the paper. Your paper should appear in this manner.
    Step 14

    Now, youll notice one small square box in its middle as marked by the red square.
    Step 15

    Face the colored side of the paper up towards you.
    Step 16

    Press down on its vertical and horizontal parts counter-clockwise gently, leaving its middle standing out.
    Step 17

    Pull two opposite sides gently and carefully in the opposite directions as shown by the red arrows.
    Step 18

    Carefully and slowly bring the edges down so that it starts to flatten down. The centre part of the paper should turn into a tiny flat square.
    Step 19

    Gently stretch the paper from step 18 outward.
    Step 20

    Fold the top left paper to the down left as shown by the red arrows. Next, bring the lower back paper to the top.
    Step 21

    Press the paper down while rotating the centre to 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Make sure its centre is popping out.
    Step 22

    Press the paper gently so that it is completely flat. Pull the paper gently as shown by its red arrows.
    Step 23

    Your paper should appear in this manner.
    Step 24

    This is the most difficult part to fold. Make sure you fold along the red lines carefully.
    Step 25

    Hold the paper gently with your hands, rotate it 90 degree, counterclockwise. Make sure it is folded to its alignment exactly.
    Step 26

    Turn the paper over by facing its back up.
    Step 27

    Fold the lower right corner which is marked by the red line backward.
    Step 28

    Fold its lower right corner accordingly.
    Step 29

    Fold according to the photos. Your paper should appear in this manner.
    Step 30

    Flip over and pull the part shown by red arrows slightly to get a basic rose [COLOR=#5984A7 ! important][COLOR=#5984A7 ! important]ball[/COLOR][/COLOR] shape.
    Step 31

    Fold according to the pictures shown above.
    Step 32

    Position the paper as shown in this picture, its side view should look like this.
    Step 33

    Face the paper up towards you. Now, you should have a basic shape of the rose.
    Step 34

    Youre now looking into the inside of the rose. Lay the rose so that you can see its inner part clearly to start folding its bottom side to get its bottom closed. To do this, you fold each of its petal one by one.
    Step 35

    Your paper should look like this.
    Step 36

    Fold its petals carefully and patiently. Make sure that you fold down the side next to the side youve just folded. Its subsequent folding should follow the clockwise direction.
    Step 37

    When you reach the last petal, make sure you tuck it under the gap beneath the previous petal. This step is important to ensure that its bottom is completely complete.
    Step 38

    Face the rose up towards you. Make sure that your folding is good and straight just as mine (shown in the picture) so that youll get a nicely folded rose [COLOR=#5984A7 ! important][COLOR=#5984A7 ! important]flower[/COLOR][/COLOR] at the end.
    Step 39

    Pull the parts shown by red arrows outward gently in order to get a rose shape.
    Step 40

    Here is how the almost completely rose looks like.
    Step 41

    Fold the parts upward. Youre almost there!
    Step 42

    Now youve a pretty rose!
    Step 43

    You can now add a stem for it, using a wire (8 to 10 inches in length).
    Step 44

    Now, you can add a few pieces of leaves (3 to 4 inches in length) with green colored paper to make your rose flower looks attractive.
    Step 45

    Fold according to the photos shown. The outcome should look like the photo shown below.
    Step 46

    I know its long but try it its fun

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    its shooo pweeeettttyyyyyy willl try it

    Ɩ σиcɛ нα∂ α нɛαят...
    ιт ωαƨ тяʋɛ...
    иσω ιт'ƨ ɢσиɛ ғяσм мɛ тσ ʏσʋ...
    ƨσ тακɛ cαяɛ σғ ιт...
    αƨ Ɩ нαʌɛ ∂σиɛ...
    иσω ʏσʋ нαʌɛ тωσ αи∂ Ɩ нαʌɛ иσиɛ.

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    soooo beaaaaaaaautiful

    alwayz wanted 2 no how 2 make it

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    cute will try

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    cute but its kinda hard to make it....i screwed up at step 30 lol....
    thanks for sharing tho
    Tru lv i lik ghst, whh evybdy tlk but and w hv n...

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    lol all girls tried OMG!..i m a man i shud try and c why woman actually tried ..but i prolly not takes
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    Awesome. I will definitely try it.

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    Thanks for this topic dude. You rock!

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    That's awesome



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