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    Default How To Allow Multiple User To Access Your Adsense Account ?

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    Most of you already have known about Google adsense. In the past , only those user who have created an adsense account with their gmail account can only login to their adsense dashboard. So it was a big problem to check the earnings if your friend has partnered with you to show your adsense ads in their blog. They can’t believe you whether you are lying or not because they don’t have access to your adsense account. But now you don’t have to worry because Google had recently launched new feature in adsense to allow your friend to access your adsense account. Yes you read it right now your friend can access your adsense account without using your adsense login details. It is great news for those who don’t have an approved adsense account but using their friends adsense code. So let’s move ahead to know how to allow your friend to access your adsense account.

    Very first you have to access your adsense account dashboard. Your adsense account should be working and active. After you are in your adsense dashboard , on the left side click on Account Settings link as shown in the screenshot below.

    After that you will be on settings page , scroll down and under Access and authorization , you will see the text box. Now just type the email address you want to allow access to your account and click on invite button. Note : The email address you are going to invite should not be associated with any adsense account. If you have already used that email for adsense application and is not approved then you should not use that email for invitation. So instead create a new gmail account which is not associated with adsense account and you have not applied for any adsense application with it.
    You can also limit the access of your adsense account by your friend. So after inviting your friend, if you want to give him full access to your adsense account then you can make him as administrator. To do so, just tick the option for Administrator and then your friend will have full access to your adsense account. Incase you don’t want your friend to give full right to access your account then you can leave it untick. This feature is also useful if you want to change your google account to use adsense . Just make administrator to the new gmail account and delete the old one.

    Now you have nearly completed all the steps. Next you need to sign in with the gmail account whom you have invited and then confirm the link to get access to your partner’s adsense account.

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