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    Default I waited 12 years for Samurai story: Hugh Jackman

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    New Delhi, July 12 (IANS) Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman says he has been waiting for the Samurai story, "The Wolverine", since the first day he came on board with the "X-Men" franchise.
    The superhero film is the follow-up of "X-Men: The Last Stand". Jackman will reprise his role of Logan or Wolverine, the lead character in the franchise.
    "I waited for 12 years for this chapter in this saga, for this Samurai story. From the very first week I had on, the first, 'X-Men', I was reading this comic and producer Lauren Shuler Donner and I were saying, one day, hopefully we get to do this story. We really went for something new and different," Jackman said in a statement.
    "The moment the studio agreed to call it 'The Wolverine', I was just thrilled. Rather than saying 'Wolverine 2', this is a standalone different movie. This is set in a different time, it's a fair way after 'X-Men Origins'," he added.
    "The Wolverine" is based on Marvel Comics series "Wolverine".
    Jackman, also producer of the film, admits he did not foresee himself as Wolverine for so many years in the running.
    "I never thought my run would last this long. Particularly for a guy who can't age, obviously there is a shelf life to playing this role, so I love it and I've always found it fascinating and slightly, I'll admit, frustrating that I feel we've never really delivered what I would say is the core of the character. And I think in this story, I know you get to see the ultimate Wolverine," said the 44-year-old actor.
    "You get to see who he really is. You definitely see him at his most vulnerable, both physically and emotionally," he added.
    The film is slated to release in India July 26.

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