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    Default Stephen King refuses to believe 'The Simpsons' did 'Under The Dome' first

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    Melbourne, July 10 (ANI): Stephen King doesn't think that his epic novel 'Under The Dome' was first depicted on The Simpsons.
    With its first episode having aired on BIG CBS Love, 'Under The Dome', the new drama series based on the bestselling Stephen King novel of the same name, has lived up to the expectations as the most anticipated show of the season, Multivision Multimedia reported.
    The show, which has been labeled a visual delight due to its extraordinary special effects, is a treat, especially for Stephen King, as it is his imagination brought to life on television by the makers.
    Speaking out for the first time about his reaction on learning that 'Under The Dome' has already been showcased on a special episode of The Simpsons, author Stephen King said, "I never saw it.
    "I was just totally gob smacked and blindsided when people started to say, oh, 'The Simpsons' already did this," he said.
    "I'm thinking to myself, I'm so glad that I wrote my book beforehand or I kind of would have been kind of like down, but you know what, I saw the previews to that movie and I don't remember Springfield being under a dome," he added. (ANI)

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