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    Default Sean Lowe on The Bachelor Premiere: Amazing, Nerve-Wracking!

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    Sean Lowe says that The Bachelor season premiere, which aired last night was an exciting, but anxious experience, one he "can't quite put into words." He tries his best, fortunately, in his weekly blog . Heading into the night, he wondered, "Would I feel a connection with anyone? Am I
    going to meet my future wife tonight? Am I going to make it out alive?" Sean did in fact survive to dole out the roses another day, and at least from The Bachelor spoilers we've read, the season goes pretty well for him. Neither here nor there right now. Here's how Sean summed up his first night as the
    star of the ABC reality franchise, from beginning to end ... "The women amazed me. They seemed sweet, funny and gorgeous! Any nerves I had
    going into the first night were calmed by the unusual and very funny antics of a few
    women." "I felt so bad for Robyn when she attempted that back handspring and landed on her
    head. But I must admit, it was a great icebreaker and it definitely made a big
    impression on me." "I love a girl who doesn't take herself too seriously." "Lesley definitely scored points with me when she pulled the football prank on me. It
    was fun, creative and most importantly, it made me want to spend more time with
    her." "The woman who made the biggest entrance of the night had to be Lindsay." "The girl showed up in a wedding dress! My first thought was that she was crazy, but
    I quickly learned that it was just her quirky sense of humor and she wasn't afraid to
    put herself out there." "Lindsay was someone I wouldn't forget. But the woman who made the biggest
    impression on me was Tierra. I can't explain it but I just felt an immediate connection
    with Tierra." "Her piercing eyes and beautiful smile stopped me in my tracks and I knew right then
    and there that I wanted to give her a rose." "I didn't stop to think that by giving her a rose so quickly I might be putting a target
    on her back, but I'm glad I made that decision because I knew I wanted to spend more
    time with Tierra." "After meeting the 25 women, I was ready to get inside and start talking with them
    but of course Chris Harrison had a surprise for me: there was a 26th woman and it
    was none other than Kacie from Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor." "I was shocked to see her step out of the limo because I was already friends with her.
    We met at a charity function a few months prior and I was able to spend a good
    amount of time with her." "I thought she was really sweet and fun, but I never looked at her in a romantic light
    and I had no idea she had developed a crush on me." "I knew it would be a transition for me viewing Kacie as someone who is more than a
    friend, but I was certainly willing to try because I respect her as a person so much." "I made the decision to hand out roses during the cocktail party because I felt like
    being in the moment. Each rose I handed out was just a way of my telling that woman
    that I liked her and wanted to get to know her more." "I found myself handing out roses left and right and thought it would make the
    ceremony easier. But then when it came time, there were so few roses left and so
    many great women that it was just as hard!" "Overall, I had an amazing first night and I am so excited to start this crazy new
    journey with all of you. I don't think I realized right away, though, just how crazy the
    journey would be!"

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