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    Default Rock Hudson's alleged 'gay confession' out in public after 50 years

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    Washington, June 8(ANI): Late US actor Rock Hudson's so-called "gay confession" to his wife, which was recorded by a detective 50 years ago, has now been revealed to public.
    The family of the detective revealed the conversation as part of a secret file release.
    According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor's wife Phyllis Gates confronted him about being gay in 1958; this conversation was secretly tape-recorded by Detective Fred Otash, a private detective also hired by stars like Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland to keep a check on their husbands, the Huffington Post reported.
    According to a transcript of the discussion obtained by THR from Otash's family, Gates asked the actor if he was equally fast with the boys as with her, to which he replied that it's a physical conjunction and added that boys don't fit which is why it lasts longer.
    Gates had claimed in her book 'My Husband, Rock Hudson' that her sex life was brief and hurried and revealed that he got calls from young men who claimed they were his fans and disappeared for hours at a time.
    Hudson, who died of AIDS in 1985 at the age of 59, never came out of the closet publicly despite the never-ending rumours about his sexuality. (ANI)

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