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    Default Two more 'Rid****' movies in pipeline?

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    New Delhi, Aug 21 (IANS) The forthcoming sci-fi action entertainer "Rid****" will not be the last in "The Chronicles of Rid****" series. Hollywood actor Vin Diesel has reportedly revealed that there will be two more parts to it.
    Diesel has committed over a decade to keep the series alive - "The Chronicles of Rid****: Into Pitch Black" (2000), "The Chronicles of Rid****" (2004) and now "Rid****", which releases Sep 6.
    He recently confessed that there will be two more parts to the series, and the work on the fourth "Rid****" script has already begun. It will be underway to be filmed sometime early next year, said a source.
    Diesel has also been quoted by international media as saying: "We will need to finish the story. And get things together. Hence, next two parts of 'Rid****' are mapped according to that".
    "Rid****" is directed by David Twohy. Also starring Katie Sackhoff, it is being distributed in India by PVR Pictures.

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