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    Default Paris Hilton comes to aid of director pal Sofia Coppola for new flick

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    Washington, May 17 (ANI): Award-winning director Sofia Coppola sought Paris Hilton's help when filming her latest movie 'Bling Ring,' it has been revealed.
    The flick tells the tale of a ring of thieves who stole millions from Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, and others in the 2008-09 Hollywood nightlife scene, Fox News reported.
    Using stars' own social media updates and the then-new phenomenon of Internet GPS systems, the ring hit their subjects again and again - stealing from Hilton alone five times.
    Which is why Hilton was happy to let Coppola shoot on-location in her real house for some of the stealing scenes.
    "[They] stole millions of dollars of my things: Birkin bags, family heirlooms, jewelry that was in my family for years, and then they sold it on Venice Beach like a yard sale," Hilton, who was in Cannes Thursday to help Coppola premiere the movie, told The Hollywood Reporter. (ANI)

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