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    Default Orlando Bloom's Broadway debut performance panned by critics

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    London, Sept 21 (ANI): Orlando Bloom's Broadway debut of Romeo and Juliet has received mixed review from the critics.
    The 'Lord of the Rings' star, who appeared opposite Condola Rashad as Romeo, has been praised for a "first-rate performance, but the production was quashed by the critics, the BBC reported.
    According to the New York Daily News, the modern take on Shakespeare's play, which was directed by David Leveaux, had Hollywood star power but lacked emotional fireworks between Romeo and Juliet.
    Michael Dale of Broadway World called the staging of the play "soggy" and "gimmicky."
    Many critics also commented that Bloom was "too old" to play Romeo, but most admitted that he had pulled it off.
    Tom Wicker wrote in the Daily Telegraph that the relationship between the two protagonists lacked the spark that would have made the tragedy of their situation stand out. (ANI)

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