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    Default Kate Winslet wants to name baby 'Eve' after Richard Branson's mum

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    London, June 6 (ANI): Kate Winslet, who is expecting her third child with husband Ned RocknRoll, wants to name her baby 'Eve', after spouse's uncle Richard Branson's mum, if she has a girl.
    The Hollywood actress had saved 89-year-old Eve's life by carrying her away from a fire at the Virgin boss's Necker island house, the Sun reported.
    A source told the publication that the Branson mother's is one the names that the 'Titanic' star and her husband, who she met on a Caribbean holiday two years ago, had thought of.
    The insider asserted that the pair wants their child's moniker to mean something and it would be a great reminder of how they met plus they could keep a strong connection with RocknRoll's family. (ANI)



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