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    Default Kate Middleton’s Nurse Suicide: Update

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    Earlier this month she fell for a radio prank and ended up giving out information on Kate Middleton's condition, and hospital nurse Jacintha Saldanha indeed committed suicide following the incident.

    According to a new report from the coroner’s office, the 46-year-old married mother-of-two ended her own life by hanging herself with a scarf from a wardrobe in her home, located near the King Edward VII hospital in which she worked.

    Furthermore, Saldanha had injuries to both wrists and had left a total of three suicide notes for her children and husband.

    Fiona Wilcox of the coroner’s office announced that the case would be adjourned until March 26th, 2013, noting, “I extend my sympathies to her family and everybody who has been touched by this tragic death.”

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