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    Default The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is an inexplicable missed opportunity

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    Among its many other faults, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone makes a solid case for
    the old ‘television is better than the movies’ argument. The film is written by four different screenwriters all swimming in television writing
    experience and directed by a man who has directed almost nothing but television
    since 1990 and all of their various television projects are likely, by default, better than
    this film. It features two actresses (Olivia Wilde and Gillian Jacobs) who did shine or are
    currently shining in well-developed three-dimensional roles on episodic television
    and uses them here merely as props for the boys to screw or ogle. It contains a script
    seemingly written by committee that features less wit and smarts than any one of
    the 38 episodes of 30 Rock by director Don Scardino. But putting aside the film vs. TV debate, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is an inexplicable missed opportunity,
    showcasing subject matter that isn’t the least bit timely and highlighting the
    unmerited ‘redemption’ of a pointlessly horrible human being whose downfall is
    completely his own fault. More importantly, save for Jim Carrey’s supporting turn and
    a few grace notes along the way, it isn’t very funny.

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