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    Default What happened to the Promised Land?

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    The major expansion this weekend was for Matt Damonís Promised Land. Gus Van Santís well-reviewed Ďfracking is bad but itís complicatedÖí morality play earned just
    $4.6 million for the weekend. Chalk it up to being mostly buried during the frenzied
    Oscar season. Frankly, this could have been a probable winner as the Ďadult movie of
    choiceí later in the year, but the the film needed to come out early in the year in order
    to qualify for and capitalize on the Oscar nominations that it wonít get. Adults were
    busy catching up on higher-profile (and arguably more appealing) Oscar bait like Les Miserables, Django Unchained, and Lincoln. The Impossible suffered the same fate as it expanded to 572 theaters this weekend, choosing to be a small fish in a big pond
    rather than a small fish in a mostly-empty pond. The somewhat controversial true-life
    disaster drama took in an okay $2.7 million ($4,825 per screen). Sure the picture may
    pick up an Oscar nomination for Naomi Watts, but is that worth fighting for crumbs?
    Next weekendís (at long last) expansion of Zero Dark Thirty is a bigger question
    mark. The film expanded to 60 screens this weekend and wracked up $2.75 million for its troubles (a frankly massive $45,000 per-screen average). Will the filmís
    relentlessly wrong-head torture controversy help the film or hurt it? Will audiences
    think theyíre getting the next Black Hawk Down? WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Texas Chainsaw 3D topped the box office this weekend with a robust $23 million. Thatís a bit behind the $33 million opening haul for The Devil Inside, but itís still easily
    the top horror debut for January. Moreover, the picture earned more, even adjusted
    for inflation, than the last go around, the painfully underrated Texas Chainsaw
    Massacre: The Beginning (retrospective essay). The 2003 remake took in $28 million
    way back in October 2003 ($36 million in todayís dollars, not even accounting for the
    whole 3D bump), but this under-hyped and frankly somewhat undersold quasi- sequel to the original 1973 film was never going to reach those heights. Said Platinum Dunes remake was exceedingly well-marketed, with a pioneering
    trailer (think how often it gets ripped off ten years later), and it basically kicked off
    the return of the hardcore horror film (along with the mostly ignored Wrong Turn
    from that May). Of course, the best weapon a new horror January film has is the
    October release of a new Paranormal Activity sequel, as itís a piece of prime demo-
    friendly marketing. The Devil Inside attached its trailer to Paranormal Activity 3 back in October 2011 while Texas Chainsaw 3D had its trailer viewed by those attending Paranormal
    Activity 4 this October. Of course, the fourth entry made about half what the third
    one did, so that probably didnít help.

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