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    Default Chris Brown to stay under supervision for 2009 RiRi assault

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    Chris Brown will remain under supervised probation for assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 but has been given permission to go on a world tour by a judge.

    However, the 23-year-old rapper was told he must return to court for a progress report when he finishes the tour, the Mirror reported.

    The judge did not address questions raised at a previous hearing about whether the 'Kiss Kiss' hit maker had completed the terms of his community labour sentence.

    In September, officials in Brown's home state of Virginia had reported that he had completed 6 months of community service.

    But at that time the judge had called those records "somewhat cryptic."

    Brown was dressed in black shirt, black tie and silver braces for the hearing and is scheduled to return to court on January 17.

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