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    Default Carey Mulligan always wanted to act alongside Leonardo DiCaprio

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    Washington, May 20 (ANI): Carey Mulligan has revealed that it was her childhood dream to star opposite her 'The Great Gatsby' co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.
    Mulligan has admitted that instead of being besotted with the 'Titanic' star's good looks as a youngster, she always dreamt of appearing with him in a film, Contactmusic reported.
    "I know! Pipe dreams! But seriously, I couldn't imagine in what world I would end up acting in a film with Leonardo DiCaprio," she added.
    The 27-year-old actress and the Hollywood actor play Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrman's movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic book. (ANI)

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