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    Default Beyonce Joins Instagram, Gives Obama One Last Boost

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    Are you looking for someone new to follow on Instagram? Someone famous and talented and fabulous? Look no further than the photo-sharing site's newest member, Beyonce Knowles. The pop star made her presence known on the social-media site Tuesday (November 6) with an introductory post full of personality.

    "Hey Instagram, it's me Bey," she posted, along with a sassy photo that shows a casually dressed and not heavily made up Knowles wearing black-rimmed glasses, her hair pulled up into a messy bun, making a scrunched-up face and pointing to her T-shirt that reads "Texans for Obama." Bey also posted her Instagram announcement on her website, asking fans to follow her under the username BaddieBey.

    Election Day 2012
    Knowles has really been in the politically themed social-media spirit lately. On Monday, she took to her Tumblr to post a heartfelt handwritten note to President Obama expressing her "respect and admiration" for the POTUS. Queen B and her husband have been very enthusiastic in expressing their support of Obama recently, hosting fundraisers and literally singing about it, via Jay-Z's performance of a remixed version of "99 Problems" at an Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio.

    It's Clobberin Time



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