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    Default American Idol: Booted Contestant Angie Miller Looks Ahead To Albums, TV & Movies

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    LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- “American Idol” fans were shocked by Angie Miller’s elimination on Thursday – as was the 19-year-old contestant.

    Access Hollywood’s Laura Saltman caught up with Angie after she was sent packing from the FOX reality competition.

    “First reaction was like, ‘Oh wow! He really just said that, like I’m really out’” she said of Ryan Seacrest breaking the bad news to her on Thursday’s episode. “It was like this shocking moment. It was a weird feeling. It wasn’t happy and it wasn’t sad. It was just alright, I’m voted off.”

    The Massachusetts native explained that she was busy prepping for the finale – and had already selected her music.

    “I definitely imagined picking my songs for next week already. They were already picked,” she continued. “It’s crazy that I won’t be there Wednesday. But I’ll be there Thursday. I’ll still get to sing there, so that’s still amazing.”

    Despite her exit (which left Kree Harrison to battle Candice Glover for the title), Angie is staying positive and looking forward to her career – one that won’t just be limited to music.

    “I want to have albums out. I want to be on TV shows and movies,” she told Laura, “I just want to do so much. I just I can’t wait to do the tour and then when the tour’s over, [I want to] start [making] albums and everything. [I’m] so excited.”

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