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    Default Amanda Bynes is back with a new look: 'Love my turban'

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    Were you wondering what happened to Amanda Bynes? Lindsay Lohan's tabloid archrival has been keeping a low profile following a stretch of bizarre behavior and vehicular charges, but she recently popped back up on Instagram claiming her phone was stolen and that "fans" should keep tabs on her there instead, TMZ says.

    Perhaps to induce return visits, Bynes posted the same picture of herself wearing a red turban and sunglasses with three different captions: "Bout to get my nails done"; "What up doe"; and "Love my turban."

    "What up doe"? We thought, given rumors of alcohol-soaked instability (including talking to inanimate objects and locking herself in boutique dressing rooms), that maybe she was trying to communicate with a certain woodland friend via social media, but Urban Dictionary informs us this is actually Detroit street slang. Oh, deer! AmBy keeps it real when she's headed to a manicure appointment. (By the way, if someone ever asks you, "What up doe?" you should respond: "Not much, how about with ewe?")

    Bynes still faces one charge of DUI, two charges of hit-and-run and two charges of driving on a suspended license. Check back on Instagram to see whether she wears her favorite red turban to her court date on Thursday.

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