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    Default Wisdom Of Hinduism

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    wisdom of Hinduism taken from its sacred books:

    "The end and beginnings of beings are unknown. We see only the intervening forms. Then what cause is there for grief"

    "Sacrifice is the noblest form of action"

    "All action originates in the Supreme Being"

    "Neither in this world, nor elsewhere, is there any happiness in store for the one who always doubts"

    "In sorrows not dejected, in joys not over joyed; outside the stress of passion, fear and anger, steadfastly calm in lofty contemplation; such a one is the wise man"

    "Be not overglad attaining joy, and be not oversad encountering grief"

    "That man alone is wise who remains master of himself"

    "Do your earthly duty free from desire, and you shall well perform your heavenly purpose"

    "If you were the worst of all wrong doers, the ship of truth would bear you safe across the sea of your transgression"

    "Four sorts of mortals know Me; he who weeps, the man who desires to know, he who toils to help, and he who is sure about Me"

    "Whoever offers Me in faith and love a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water poured froth, that offering made lovingly with pious will, I accept"

    "Those who worship Me with love, I love; they are in Me and I in them"

    "Be certain that none can perish, trusting Me"

    "Passion binds by toilsome strain; but ignorance, which shuts the beams of wisdom, binds the soul to sloth"

    "The doors of hell are threefold, through which men to ruin pass: the door of lust, the door of wrath, and the door of avarice"

    "The faith of each believer conforms itself to what he truly is"

    "Religion shown in acts of proud display is rash and vain"
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    Is it from Gita ?

    Cause I think so .

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