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Thread: TIPS for Vastu

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    Talking TIPS for Vastu

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    TIPS for vastu.
    Here are some important tips for a decent house:-

    * The voice of door bells or wall clocks etc. should be melodious.
    * The holy books such as Geeta, Ramayana,etc should not be kept in the box of bed or sofas.
    * The folding beds or cot etc should be in the west or south directions of the building.
    * East or North side wall is good for dressing table.
    * East-North corner is not good for keeping shoes, brooms, oil cans etc.
    * South -West or South-East directions are better for Mixie,grinders etc.
    * North or East side is good for dressing table.
    * While cooking the face of the cook or who so ever should be in front of east side .
    * cooking gas shouldn't touch the walls East or North or EAST -NORTH are good directions.
    *It is very bad to feed a child sitting in the middle of door . In this case mother will be under the be em which is very bad .
    *It is very use full if there is a Tulsi planted in the house. It will create good effect on the fate of the inmates.
    * Pooja of Tulsi plant in the house[except on sunday ] will add glory to the house.
    * It is good if there is a mirror in the dinning room but bad in the bed room.



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