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    We should recite Mahamrityunjaya mantra daily three times, before getting out of our homes as it saves us from accidents.

    And those who are suffered from diseases, they can also take the benefit of this mantra.

    To get more benefit, one can meditate on the picture of Mahamrityunjaya Dev shown in this video.

    The benefit of the mantra depends upon your faith on the mantra.

    ...being a human...

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    Tantra Gyan was created by Lord Shiva to help her wife Parvati to gain Kali Roop .

    Tantra Gyan is so powerfull that it exists today also .

    Maha Mritunjay Mantra is one of the BEST HINDU Mantras and is still and will always be 100% Effective .

    If Anyone know it , don't spread it for waste . If someone is in trouble then only tell him .
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