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    Default Chess in Concert [feat. Josh Groban, Idina Menzel] (2009)

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    Chess in Concert [feat. Josh Groban, Idina Menzel] (2009) [DVDrip] info:
    Code:  Act I Prologue Story of Chess SCENE 1, MERANO, ITALY 1979 Merano/What A Scene! What A Joy!/Merano (reprise) SCENE 2, GLOBAL TELEVISION STUDIO Commie Newspapers Press Conference SCENE 3, HOTEL AURORA Molokov And Anatoly Where I Want To Be SCENE 4, KURHAUS Difficult And Dangerous Times The Arbiter Hymn To Chess The Merchandisers Global TV Fanfare Chess Game #1 The Arbiter (reprise) Quartet (A Model of Decorum and Tranquillity) SCENE 5, MOLOKOV'R ROOM Florence and Molokov 1956 - Budapest Is Rising SCENE 6, FREDERICK'S ROOM Florence And The American Nobody's Side SCENE 7, THE MOUNTAIN INN Mountain Duet SCENE 8, KURHAUS Global TV Fanfare Chess Game # 2 SCENE9, FREDERICK'S ROOM Florence Quits Pity The Child #1 SCENE 10 Global TV Fanfare SCENE 11, BRITISH HONORARY CONSULATE Embassy Lament Heaen Help My Heart Anatoly And The Press Anthem  Act II SCENE 1, BANGKOK, THAILAND - 1980 Golden Bangkok One Night In Bangkok SCENE 2, GLOBAL TELEVISION STUDIO SCENE 3, ANATOLY'S HOTEL ROOM One More Opponent You And I SCENE 4, PATPONG The Soviet Machine SCENE 5, GLOBAL TELEVISION STUDIO The interview SCENE 6, DUSIT THANI HOTEL Someone Else's Story SCENE 7, THE BANGKOK HOTELS The Deal (No Deal) Pity The Child #2 SCENE 8, LATE NIGHT IN BANGKOK I Know Him So Well SCENE 9, SANUM LUANG PARK Talking Chess SCENE 10, THE WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP Endgame #1/The Grand Masters Endgame #2 Endgame #3/Chess Game #3 SCENE 11, THE HOTEL GARDENS You And I (reprise) Walter And Florence Anthem (reprise)
    Download: ACT I:
    ACT II: Downlaod:



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