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    Default Women should learn to say 'no': Snigdha Pandey

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    Snigdha Pandey has already managed to make her mark on Zee TV’s Hello Pratibha (Shakuntalam Productions) with her stylish avatar! The ‘fashionista’ shares more details about her role in a quick chat with us...take a look.

    “I play this beautiful and career-oriented woman who is always in a conflict with Pratibha (Binny Sharma). She is this powerful character who does not want to be a sub-ordinate in the family, and this is the reason she chooses to stand up for her rights. Being a working woman, she makes it clear that she will have no role in the daily household works,” tells the girl.

    Snigdha, who is known for her negative roles, adds, “I have always played this plain and simple characters and thus, wanted to do something different this time. As an actor, I feel one should add dimensions to her career by doing different kind of roles.”

    Being the only glamorous character on the show, we ask her if she is close to her character in real life... “Personally, I am not someone who likes dressing up as I am quite tomboyish, so to deck up in the show is quite fun. Apart from the stylist, Neelima (Bajpai) ma’am has really given me many suggestions for the show.”

    So what is Snigdha’s take on a ‘perfect woman’? “I feel that a woman should have the will power and strength to stand up for herself. Yes, doing things for her family is important but a woman should know where to draw the line and say no. If her love is not reciprocated, she shouldn’t bow down for the sake of her duties.”

    Moreover, she feels the issue of girl trafficking is the call of the hour... “Women are heroes on TV shows, but otherwise they are just taken as commodities. When someone sells a girl, it’s only because they consider women as objects. This issue needs to be addressed as I feel women will never rise high if trafficking persists.”

    That’s quite a noble thought, Snigdha!



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