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    Default People will be able to relate to Hello Pratibha: Tarul Swami

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    Tarul Swami is pretty excited about his new show Hello Pratibha where he plays Sanjay. The show, produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms, is a beautiful tale about a woman who reinvents herself after losing her identity somewhere in the daily chaos of her life.

    “I play the chota and khota beta of the house who is a fun loving person but doesn’t enjoy the responsibilities of the house. He also decides to move out of the family business and become independent. He gets married to a girl of his choice and gets into the bad books of all. But overall, he is the only guy who supports the truth and feels bad about the way his bhabhi is treated.”

    Talking about the show, Tarul said, “It is a simple show, but not a typical one. People will be really able to relate themselves. Pratibha is the most wonderful homemaker who is loving and caring but her charm has now faded due to the responsibilities of homemaking," he said.

    So who is the perfect girl for Tarul? “I think more than a partner, she should be a friend who respects my family as much as I do. A simple girl who would be able to handle the household duty would be my perfect woman.”

    The actor, who is dating Preeti Chaudhary, said that marriage doesn't feature in his plans immediately. “My elder brother just got married and in our family we don’t have marriages so soon. We both are also taking time to build our individual careers so there is no hurry.”

    Wish you luck, Tarul!



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