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    Default It is a show which is like a mirror for the audience, which relates to them - Neelima Bajpaye

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    Producer Neelima Bajpaye talks in depth about her new show Hello Pratibha with us.

    With Shahstri Sisters under its banner, Shakuntalam Telefilms which has produced some of the exceptional shows in the past, is all set with a fresh concept and a show titled as Hello Pratibha on Zee TV. The show which traces the journey of how a woman gains her confidence.

    Here is Nelima Bagpaye talking about this new project in depth with us...

    How did you come up with this idea?

    We wanted to experiment with a story where their is no drama and which relates to the audience. The idea was with me since a very long time and I was curious about making it. I was happy when Zee agreed for this concept. The idea was to make a show which is like a mirror for the audience, which relates to them.

    So will this show relate to women?

    I feel women across the world will relate to Pratibha's situation, I feel women still lead a difficult life where she forgets about herself, her health, her condition and looks after her kids and husband with no demands. We give least priority to ourselves, if you are a working women you are living more difficult life. So this show will ask those women to be a bit selfish, to know herself.

    What was the reason of replacing Sapne Suhane... with this show?

    That was the channel's call, we were not so prepared to pull out the show early. I was still thinking that it will run for a few months, it was not doing well on the TRP charts since two three months so we had to pull it off.

    What do you have to say about your last show on Zee TV?

    I love Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. It was about Ladakpan and we stuck to the concept. We have shown so many things from infactuation to heart break then finding love gain, to creating an iconic character like Gunjan who will speak for right. So it's a very dearest show to me.

    How has your association been with Zee TV?

    Fortunately for us we have done all hit and good shows Zee, Banoo Main Teri Dulhaan was a hit show, Sapne Suhane received accolades. So I have hopes that this innovative story telling gets the same response and I want to see how does audience reacts to this. It has no drama, there is no love story nor its about a young girl getting married but it is more about everyday life.

    Why Binny Sharma and Sachal Tyagi?

    Actually we have struggled a lot with the casting, we were very clear that we don't need a perfect looking women but we wanted someone who looks real. When we saw Binny she was exactly like Pratibha, she had that innocence, she has that motherly look. We were very keen about casting her, we took time in convincing the channel for Binny Sharma. Sachal has grey shade looks but also he looks very real like a middle class guy and that's the reason we zeroed on Sachal.

    So what are your expectations?

    I just want people to give it a chance because I know there are two popular shows running at the same time slot on Star Plus and Colors. But if people want a break from drama and want to experience something new then they should give a try to this.

    Lastly what do you want to convey to your fans?

    Do watch the show, I have been hearing that audience hate us for taking off Sapne Suhane... but every show has its own life span. I want people who loved Sapne to pass on their love to this show.



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