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    Default I feel blessed that I have got an opportunity to explore all three mediums - Snigdha Pandey

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    Actress Snigdha Pandey who will be seen on screen after a long time in a new show Hello Pratibha talks about her show and character with us...

    Actress Snigdha Pandey who is known for her role Star Plus' Navya is returning to the small screen with Zee TV's Hello Pratibha. Snigdha who has essayed negative as well as positive roles, is quite ecstatic to play a different character this time in a new show. She speaks to us regarding her show, exploring mediums and more...

    Share something about your character?

    She is a drama queen, a career oriented women who looks after a beauty parlor. Sunidhi loves being pampered by her family members, she is selfish and believes in taking all the credit for herself.

    How excited are you to explore a new character?

    I feel human psyche is immense and as an actor I always wish to explore and know more about human being by essaying a new character. By enacting a character you live the life of it and I am always ecstatic to do it. In my previous shows I have played positive characters but never got a chance to essay a grey shade. I always wanted to do it as I feel every human being has a shade of grey.

    Do you relate to Sunidhi?

    I won't say that I completely relate to my character but yeah at times I am like her in terms of being selfish, loving myself. At times I take my loved ones for granted but cannot hurt someone as Sunidhi does. In reality I am not like girly like my character.

    How is your equation with your co-stars?

    We all have a warm chemistry, we share a very cordial relationship as we have a very small family. I specially thank Shakuntalam Production to make me a part of this beautiful family. I am really delighted to get such a lovely character, Sunidhi is damn cute she is the entertainer of the show.

    Did you take any efforts to perfect your character?

    I have learned those mannerisms, poses, way of talking etc. and have taken efforts to inculcate those in me. Now whenever I drape a sari, I am all together into a different domain when I am essaying her. I have closely observed high class women, then also I have borrowed behavior of people around me.

    You were a part of theater as well television, so what interests you?

    Theater rush and that feel is completely different, both the forms has its own place. I have high respect for people from the TV fraternity, they work for longest hours. If you talk about films then it is a different ball game altogether, it gives you a different feel. I feel blessed that I have got an opportunity to explore all three mediums.

    What would you say to your fans?

    I would say you have seen me in Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Navya but be ready to watch me in a complete new avatar. Sunidhi is the pie of show and I am very sure that the audience are going to love her.



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