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    Default Tips to Relief Neck Pain Discomfort in Back and Shoulders

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    Tips to relief the pain in the neck:
    1. Avoid taking cold weather.

    2. Who works all day on the computer, taking breaks to move neck and shoulders slowly for a few minutes every two hours. This habit tends to relieve the tension accumulated throughout the day.

    3. Those that come by car all day to work must use a headrest adjusted properly to the body, keeping your arms straight and hands firmly on the wheel.

    4. Soft massage with aromatic oils or anti-inflammatory gel or cream also helps to relieve pain.

    5. Who does the housework should get used to new habits at the time to lower or suspend objects. It is important to use more leg strength to lower or rise.

    6. Search relaxing activities for the mind and body. This includes alternative therapies; craft courses, or simply not afford to rest more.

    7. Choose a pillow or too thin nor too thick. The ideal is that it fits right between the shoulder tip and the beginning of the neck.

    8. Another tip is to sleep. In addition to properly warm with blankets, one should worry about the position while sleeping. In cold the tendency is to stay one more time in the same position. Ideally, sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs, the other between the arms and the spine straight. The pillow should fit at the shoulder. Sleep comfortably and appropriately is crucial to the health of our spine.



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