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    With the continuous rise in the number of cases of diabetes, it has become very important for us to be aware of the early signs and symptoms of the disorder. However, before getting to know the symptoms, you need to understand what is diabetes? It is a chronic nutritional disorder, wherein, the body has high level of blood glucose. In this case, the body is unable to break the sugar levels and also cannot produce insulin. While the former causes excess of sugar level in the blood, the latter is concerned with loss of energy. Although the disorder mostly strikes the obese people in middle or older age, it is also common in the youth as well. If you want to know the warning signs and symptoms of diabetes, read below.

    Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

    * One of the foremost signs of diabetes is excessive thirst. This is due to the fact that the additional glucose absorbs the moisture from the cells, leading the body to send dehydration signals.
    * Another early symptom of diabetes is frequent urination. Though you are consuming more water, the body cells do not absorb it which makes the extra glucose to pass it through the blood stream to the kidneys and bladder.
    * Getting tired easily is another sign of diabetes. Since the body is unable to breakdown food properly, the muscle cells lack the energy they require. Frequent urination and thirst also leads to less sleep which adds to the fatigue syndrome.
    * Diabetes in the early stages causes an increased appetite. To lower the blood glucose, the body secretes more insulin, which results in increased hunger.
    * The initial stages of diabetes cause weight loss as well. Frequent urination leads to loss of sugar in the urine. Hence, the body uses muscular proteins and fats, as its source of energy, leading to weight loss.
    * Headaches, muscle aches and body pains constitute the early signs and symptoms of diabetes. These cause sleep pattern to be even more disrupted, leading to more fatigue.
    * Blurred vision is another problem caused right at the onset of diabetes. The increased blood sugar level leads to deformity in the shape of the eye lenses, which may lead to permanent blindness.
    * A patient diagnosed with diabetes, in the initial stages, faces frequent yeast and skin infections. Yeast survives on sugar and with the raised sugar levels, the infections are bound to occur.

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