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    Default Why Malaria Difficult to Destroyed?

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    Scientists discover new mosquito species in Africa that complicate malaria control. These animals live outdoors so immune to insecticide sprays.
    French investigators succeeded in collecting various types of mosquitoes around village ponds Burkina Faso, West Africa. Mosquito Anopheles gambiae which includes species has never been documented before.

    Mosquitoes are highly vulnerable to malaria parasites infensi. However, for the mosquitoes which are often located outside this room, able to avoid mosquito control with chemical materials.

    Mosquitoes collected named Goundry French Institute for Scientific Research in Paris.

    "Mosquitoes are very susceptible to human malaria parasites. They come from a species that has a fascination with human blood. They also come from an abundant population, "said Dr. Ken Vernick, leader of the study.

    However, Goundry still in the early stages of evolution to be able to resist malaria control measures in the room using insecticide spray. Vernick team has not been able to measure how many types of mosquitoes responsible for transmission malaira.

    "What can we say is almost impossible mosquitoes are harmless," says Vernick.

    Malaria is an infectious disease via mosquitoes that threaten nearly half of world population. Most of the victims are children under five in poor countries of Africa.



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