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    Default How To Fight With Tummy Fat

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    Whether you are an avid dieter or a work-out freak, itís often difficult to tuck that offending belly bulge once it starts showing. While going on a crash diet may seem like a fast option to you, health experts have always maintained that it can be hazardous. Another quick fix, the now readily available body shapers, are an effective but not a permanent solution. So what should a girl do?

    The right diet is the key, say experts. Dr Pallavi Vaish, dietitian, Healing Touch clinic says, "To fight away that paunch, one should go for a diet that is low on fat, low on calorie and includes moderate protein and fiber." According to dietician Dr Reeta Shankar, "A wise selection of food that helps in fighting the bulge can go a long way in keeping your tummy taut and toned." She adds that one should combine that with half an hour of physical activity every day. Here are some food items that Dr Shankar recommends to fight belly fat.

    Green vegetables

    Vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach, radish, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus are high on fibre and have a very low density of calories. Break the diet to four mini meals a day, combined with lean protein such as fish.


    It's a great fat burner. The morning breakfast, by default, should consist of eggs. They are high in protein and are great health food. Watch out for the yolk, it's high on cholesterol. Recent studies say that eggs contain Vitamin B 12, that helps in breaking down fats.


    Instead of eating red meat everyday for protein, have a dish loaded with beans. They are not just packed with fibre and protein, but are also low on calories. Don't take fried beans, though, as they are rich in saturated fat. Go for navy beans, white beans, kidney beans and Lima beans.


    Vegetarians should include tofu in their meal thrice a week, as it is a good source of protein and iron. A single serving consists of 70-90 calories, and hence is a good inclusion for any weight loss regimen. Tofu also has various health benefits -- it is high in antioxidants, that help in fighting prostate cancer, help in building muscle mass, and are good for the heart. They also help build energy levels.
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    If you can enroll in Pilates or Yoga classes this can also be of tremendous benefit. As for diet learn about what you are eating and this will naturally motivate you to change it especially when you learn what crap food does to you. Your diet is an important part of slimming your waist. By simply trimming a few calories everyday your results will begin to show.



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