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    Default How to fight juvenile diabetes

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    One in eight people in India are at risk of getting diabetes and more worryingly juvenile diabetes is on the rise. On World Diabetes Day we get you the story of a young man fighting the disease

    Siddharth Arora is 24 years old and has Type 1 diabetes. It is a chronic disease ans his pancreas are unable to produce insulin. He was lucky to be diagnosed early on, just three years ago.
    But what is sad is that many diabetic children in India are never diagnosed and die before help can reach them.

    There about 10 lakh juvenile diabetics in India according to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. If diabetes is not diagnosed it can affect heart, eyes, kidneys, and nerves in the long run, especially if sugar levels are not controlled.
    The exact cause of Type 1 diabetes is still unclear. However, it is not caused by obesity or eating excessive sugar.
    The symptoms of Type 1 diabetes may occur suddenly. In Siddharth's case they were triggered by a viral fever. He started losing weight, had frequent urination, increased thirst, extreme hunger etc.

    His sugar levels remained uncontrolled despite insulin injections and diet control. He was pursuing Marine Engineering from Madurai at the time he was diagnosed with diabetes, and unfortunately his entire life became topsy-turvy after the diagnosis.
    He lost his job offer, his health and personal life too got affected. But now he has learned to manage his diabetes/ He has been using an insulin pump for the last year and a half and life seems to have come back on track.
    Siddharth says that being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes is not the end of the world. It's a tough adjustment, but hanging and fight it out is the only way.
    He is now pursuing MBA and has also got a job. He leads a perfectly normal life. All he has to do is watch his diet and exercise and of course regularly pump insulin.

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