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    The coconut tree is of the palm family, and is the only species of the genus cocos growing 30 m tall. The coconut is the fruit of this tree. These trees are common in the tropical regions, like in tropical Asia, and Trinidad and Tobago. The fruit as a whole is a very useful one and each and every part of it can be put to some use or the other. For example, the outer layer of the coconut is a coir is used by many industries to make a variety of products, the water in the raw coconut is a good drink, the seed is used in cooking, and oil is also derived from the nut.

    An average coconut tree yields about 60 coconuts, whereas some even yield three times this amount. Though it takes up to a year for coconuts to mature, the trees bloom up to thirteen times a year, so the fruit is constantly forming, yielding a continuous harvest all year-round. The name coconut is actually a misnomer for the fruit, as it is not a nut but a drupe, and is the largest seed known to mankind.

    Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

    Coconut water is a natural drink and has many benefits, which may be listed as follows:

    * Drinking coconut water keeps the body cool and also aids in maintaining a normal body temperature
    * It facilitates the effective transfer of nutrients and oxygen to the cells
    * As coconut water is an isotonic beverage, it orally re-hydrates the body and and naturally replenishes the body's fluids, which are lost while exercising
    * It also helps to raise the metabolism rate of the body, thereby promoting weight loss
    * This elixir also gives a boost to the immunity system, and strengthens the body's ability to detoxify and fight diseases
    * Coconut water is an effective digestive tract cleanser
    * It proves beneficial for diabetic patients to control diabetes
    * Aids your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS
    * Helps keep the pH balance in check, thereby reducing the risk of cancer
    * It is also beneficial in treating kidney and urethral stones.

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    What vitamins and nutrients are derived from coconut water and the other parts of the coconut? I do like to eat coconut and occasionally drink the water. I especially like to shred up the white seed or whatever you call it and use it in cooking. Is it a good source of protein or other vitamins or minerals?

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