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    Default How To Care For Oily Skin

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    Oily skin can appear soft, supple and even dewy. But however if your skin is too oily it can produce a dull and a greasy look that can make you look less attractive. Further more it will be responsible for popping up pimples and acnes on your face. Here are a few tips to care for your oily skin; tips that help your skin look more oil free.

    * The first and most essential way of treating oily skin is to wash one's face more often as three to four times a day with a good soap. This will help reduce the spreading of oil on the face.

    * Use a soap that is suggested by your dermatologist or use a soap that is free of oils and moisturizers.

    * If you find your skin comfortable with a particular soap that you have used for a long time then continue to use it.

    * Wash your face with cold water that will help to lighten the pores.

    * Clean neem leaves crushed into a paste and applied on the face help to dry up pimples.

    * Ice cucumber slices or refrigerated cucumber paste applied to the face for about 15 minutes serves as a good face pack for oily skin.

    * Sunscreens and moisturizers should be oil free. See if they are noncomedogenic (oil free). Use a moisturizer that is light and watery.

    * Soak cotton wool in astringent and sweep over the face to keep it fresh and cool.

    * While exposing your skin to facials always go for the ones that are for oily skins

    * Try not using moisturizers, as they will tend to make the skin greasier resulting in pimples.

    * Use oil free make up, moisturizers, cleansers and foundations. However do not use a cleanser that causes to over dry the skin as it can make your skin more oily than usual.

    * It is always good to use a gel or a lotion for an oily skin as cream seeks to lubricate the skin making it oilier.

    * An exfoliated skin helps to maintain the moisture balance. So use a face scrub once in a while.

    * If you are going to be away from home for a long time, carry wet face tissues for cleansing purposes

    * Drink lots of water that will help in hydrating the skin.

    * Last but not the least, avoid eating fatty food that can cause your skin to become more oily.

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    Thanks for sharing these tips here about the skin care with all of us....
    I also have the oily skin and wants some good and useful tips like these one's....
    I think that I have found the relevant data which I am in searching....



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