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    Default How to avoid monsoon related diseases

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    If you thought your mother was being unreasonable asking you not to eat outside or wade in the puddles of water on the roads, you are wrong. Sticking to her precautions might just prevent some of the most common diseases common in the monsoons. We bring you useful information on some of the most common ones and tips on how to prevent them.

    Common cold, cough and viral fever:One of the biggest causes of major absenteeism in the monsoons, the incidence of common cold and fever is higher due to the fact that viruses thrive better in humid conditions. Staying in wet clothes for a long time, prolonged exposure to the humid air from the air-conditioners can increase your chances of catching a cold. Don’t stay in wet clothes for long. Keep a pair of fresh clothes in your office locker, if you can. Turn down the ACs and open the windows. Wash your hands often. Prevent contact with other people who have the cold as much as possible. Boost your immunity by eating fresh fruits and veggies. Drink a lot of fluids like fresh juice, soups, green tea and lukewarm water

    Malaria:One of the common and deadly diseases caused by certain species of mosquitoes breeding in the dirty water in the monsoons, Malaria is characterized by fever, body ache, chills and sweating.Here’s all you need to know about malaria and how to prevent it.

    Typhoid:If you have prolonged fever lasting for more than five days accompanied by headache and abdominal pain followed by a rash in the second week, you might be suffering from typhoid. It is mostly spread via contaminated food and water. Avoid eating food and drinking water/juice from outside. Stick to homemade food and boiled water. If you live in an area where typhoid is very common, get yourself vaccinated against it

    Hepatitis A (commonly called jaundice):A viral disease spread through contaminated food and water, Hepatitis A is characterized by symptoms similar to the flu – an increase in body temperature with body ache, joint pains followed by loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. This may be followed by yellowish tinge in the eyes, skin and nails. Within a week, you might notice dark-coloured urine.Again, eating homemade food and clean water can prevent most cases of hepatitis A. These days, vaccinations for Hepatitis A are also available. It might take a few days of bed rest while recuperating.
    Leptospirosis:A bacterial disease spread by rats, it is mostly caused by contaminated food or by wading in dirty water, especially if you have injuries. High fever and chills with severe headaches and bodyache, followed by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain characterize the disease. You can prevent Leptospirosis by not exposing your feet to dirty, stagnant rainwater. If you have any injuries, cover them well.

    Just take these few precautions and enjoy your monsoons disease-free!
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