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    Default 5 common yoga mistakes you must avoid

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    A lot of ink is being spent on yoga injuries. Often these occur only because students are not made aware of certain basic precautions to be followed. Injurues can also happen when the instructor does not break up the pose to make it flow in a technically neat manner. A clumsily executed pose often leads to injuries. If you are lucky enough to avoid injury, it could mean the main impact of the pose is diluted so that your time on the mat is wasted.

    If you are in a large, noisy class where the attention is diffused, including of the teacher's, it is most likely that your yoga practice is below par. Even if the class is large, poses must be executed in silence and meditatively to be able to encourage the mind-body communication which is the core of any yoga practice.

    There are some obvious errors that should be avoided:

    * Never do yoga on a full stomach. At least a two-gap after a meal, and around four-hour gap after a longer/ heavier meal.
    * Do not keep drinking water through the practice. Yoga is not like any other exercise form. For one, drinking water before an inverted pose could cause intense discomfort, and is regarded as dangerous; it may also lead to acid reflux.
    * Never try an advanced variation unless you have mastered the basic pose. For instance, trying the scorpion before you can stay up in the headstand for at least three minutes. Staying up in the basic poses encourages the muscle development and flexibility required for the advanced variation.
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    I used to be an instructor and 90% of the time I was teaching people how NOT to do yoga. I'd demonstrate and explain a pose. Then correct everyones mistakes and misunderstandings.
    If your not careful people can get injured. It is even possible for someone to sprain their ankle. Ankle Brace
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