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    [DOWN]The Mother Nature contains many secrets in them. They have so much of the positive qualities that will help a person in Different Types of Fruits That are Useful to the Humanspreventing them from taking the pills and antibiotics. Fruits are the biggest boon for humanity from the Nature. All of the fruits contain something which is special in their own way that will help in the prevention from the numerous kinds of disease, pains and aches.

    Strawberry: They are the best fruit that contains the high nutritional value & also having the greater cleaning properties. They are rich in minerals, vitamins and potassium. They also contain the high contents of the water ranging from 80-90% and are ideal for cleaning purposes.

    1. They are used in the herbal treatment of the liver, heart and kidneys.

    2. They are used for the curing rheumatic disorders & if they are eaten in the larger qualities during winters they are beneficial in the treatment of the tuberculosis and anemia.

    3. They also play very important role in the beauty, aided for the complexional, skin disorders, acne and sunburns.

    4. They have the dentifrice that will help in the strengthening of the gums, which prevents the tartar & also helps in the whitening of the teeth.

    5. They are used as the herbal remedy in the treatment of the old wounds, sore eyes and ulcers.

    Peaches: They are also rich in the minerals and potassium & have the water content around 80%.

    1. They are the best herbal remedy in the digestive problems as they are having some of the alkaline in the body that will help in the cure of the digestive problems.

    2. For the constipation they are advised that they are taken during night and they help in curing the constipation problems and chronic diseases.

    3. They are also called as the natural cleaner as they help in cleaning the bladder and the kidneys.

    4. If they are taken in the larger quantity they keep the person fresh, light and energetic through the whole year.

    Pomegranate: Such fruits are rich in minerals, vitamins, potassium and sodium, potassium. They are consisting of around 70% of the water.

    1. They are helpful for keeping their stomach easy and light for the digestion.

    2. They are used in the resistance for the tuberculosis, ragged up near liver, kidney and heart.

    3. They are also proved to be the good remedy in releasing their hysteria, mental tension and hyper tension.

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