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    Default Khushi to meet with an accident in Hamari Sister Didi

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    Sony PAL’s Hamari Sister Didi (DJ’s A Creative Unit) has been dealing with social issues. And now it will depict the poignant and pertinent happening of peer pressure.

    As seen in the earlier episodes, the happy go lucky Khushi (Avneet Kaur) is always ready to help her friends being the always ‘nice’ person in the group. Now the girl will be invited for a New Year party at her friend’s home. Knowing well that her mother Amrita (Pariva Pranati) will not allow her to go out alone late at night, she will lie to her and secretly attend the party.

    Shares a source, “Khushi will have a great time at the party with her friends when she will suddenly realise how late she is getting. To reach home early, she will ask one of her friends to drop her home.”

    Her friend even though being underage will force Khushi that he will drive her home so that she can reach fast. She will not be sure of taking his help, but having no other option will consent to him driving back. Khushi although wont realise that her friend would be drunk and soon on the way, the two will meet with a rash accident.

    Will the two survive this accident? How will Amrita react to this development?

    We tried reaching Avneet but she remained unavailable to comment.



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