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    Default I'm a phone addict: Pariva Pranati

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    Actress Pariva Pranati makes the most of her free time on the set of "Hamari Sister Didi" to be active on social media.

    The 31-year-old, who plays the character of Amrita in "Hamari Sister Didi", says she's quite a phone addict.

    Even if there is a two-minute break during the shoot, the first thing she does is to take her phone and start texting.

    "Well yes, I am a phone addict and the reason is that I'm not only talking to my family and friends, but it’s because of Facebook. I am very proactive on it,” Pariva said in a statement.

    Pariva is also an animal lover.

    “Everyone knows that I'm an animal friendly person. I make sure to keep myself updated on the various rescue missions on the animals...this is because if I get the opportunity to do something for animals, I try not to leave a single stone unturned,” she added.



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