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    Default In conversation with the cast of Sony Pal's Sister Didi

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    Sony Pal on 1 September will set the ball rolling with all new television series that aim to touch the chords of many lives and draw a connection with lakhs of viewers all over the nation. With its motto of celebrating the joys and triumphs of women from different walks of life, the channel brings to you DJ’s A Creative Unit’s Sister Didi with talented actors, Pariva Pranati and Bhanu Uday in the lead roles.

    We caught up with the cast of Sister Didi and hereby unveils some interesting facts about the upcoming show on Sony Pal.

    Pariva Praniti of Star Plus’ Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum fame will be seen as a young widow who would run a hospital along with her mother-in-law and wish to dedicate her life to the service of the sick and needy.

    Giving us a vivid description of the concept of the show, the pretty actress says, “Our show has a medical background. It has a variety of characters that have layers which will unfold during the course of the show. It is not a typical love story or show but has a strong message to share. There are parallel stories that run together and display scenarios from everyday life. The concept is touching and will connect to people directly.”

    Bhanu Uday, who was last seen in the popular Star One sitcom Special Squad is back to small screen after a sabbatical from acting and will make a comeback as Dr. Karan in Sister Didi.

    Describing the role he is essaying in the show the actor excerpts, “I am portraying the role of Dr. Karan in the show. He is a complete no nonsense person and is a firm individual. He practices pure medicine and has a western standpoint. In stark contrast to Pariva’s character who believes in a very Indian way of treating people, Karan doesn’t believe in creating a personal rapport or having an emotional connection with the patients. It is the clash of their different ideologies that brings them together time and again. And according to me the USP of the show is the great interplay of personal relationships that exists between different characters.”

    When two people like chalk and cheese collide, sparks are sure to fly!

    A delighted Pariva said, “Though both of them are different individuals, it is their history and the past that brings them together. As much as they cannot stand each other, they are dependent on each other too. It is the same need that bonds them together.”

    In a final message to all their viewers the talented actors said, “Sister Didi is a fun show that will connect to every viewer. It will give them a new perspective on medicine in combination with nurture and care with a view to spreading happiness and changing lives. Please watch our show and appreciate it.”

    So catch up on the exciting show Sister Didi from 1 September only on Sony Pal.



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