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    Pariva Pranati playing Amrita in Sony Pal's Hamari Sister Didi speak with us about her character in the show, being associated to DJ's as a production house and much more.

    Pariva Pranati who is highly recognized for the versatility she has portrayed on screen with the variation in the character that have essayed. Well, this young and pretty actress who is currently essaying the role of Amrita in Sony Pal's Hamari Sister Didi speaks with us in this candid chat about her characterization, working with DJ's Creative Unit and also taking up a show for a new channel entirely. Read on!
    What fascinated you to take up a show like this?
    It's quite a different show compared to Indian television series that is being made these days and also it's a love story with a different take. I like doing work that will challenge me as an actor and this show gave me that opportunity.

    We have seen your character as a positive and caring one. What further will we see in your character?
    Yes, she is extremely caring and basically a happy person. She believes in giving love to all but somewhere manage everything on her own. She will go through some difficult situation and mixed emotions when her mother - in - law comes to stay with her and also with Dr. Karan whose ideologies are absolutely opposite to hers. She will constantly have a tiff with him.

    Taking up a show for a new channel, how easy or difficult was it to say yes to the show?
    As a new channel Sony Pal was ready to experiment with its shows and made an effort to get different kind of shows and not follow any set pattern. In a way it's like a breath of fresh air as I look forward to different kind of work. I like challenging myself and this channel and this show has given me that opportunity.

    Unlike you're previous characters, you are portraying the character of a mother. How difficult it is for you to essay something that you've never done?
    As an actor I should be able to pull off any kind of roles. That's what I told myself. Yes not being a mother makes it difficult but then I have seen many mothers n I have tendency of noticing the details of behavior pattern of other people n I think that really helps in adapting to any kind of role. The more challenging it is, the better it is. I would play a man too if I had to.

    How challenging is this role for you as an actor?
    It is extremely challenging as this show is not something that happens often plus DJ's Creative Unit as a production is known to make different shows and they have a certain way they want their actor to portray the characters which is actually quite different from the normal stuff that happens on television. And that way I feel I am blessed as I get to do challenging work. Before this show also the Hats Off show was again a very difficult show and I enjoyed it immensely.

    Your show has already gone on air and has been getting good feedback. What is your take over it?
    It's a good feeling when good work is appreciated and also I think the taste of audience is changing. No more do they want the normal saas bahu stories. We have all put in a lot of hardworking and if good stories and good shows are appreciated then better work will happen. And I genuinely want to thank everybody for supporting this show.

    Any funny incident that happened on the sets while shooting that you would like to share with us?
    Well everyday we do a lot of masti on set as we all get along beautifully; so funny things keep happening. I sat in wet mud in my nurse uniform as my director challenged me to do so. Also, Bhanu Uday and I argue a lot though all in fun zone.

    We wish Pariva all the luck for this new venture of hers



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