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    Default Shows based on crimes and fight back attitude spark off a lot of positivity among people - Aadesh

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    With crime based show gaining popularity, Disney Bindass’ Halla Bol (Red Dot Productions) is doing a wonderful job showcasing the power of women fighting for justice. And the superbly talented Aadesh Chaudhary will soon be seen making an appearance on the show playing the man at fault.

    The episode will have loved actress Anupriya Kapoor making a comeback to TV playing the victim who will first let go off the incident, but later another similar incident around her will make her stand up and fight for her right.

    Here talking to us, Aadesh spoke at length about the episode, crimes in our country against women and a lot more.

    “Firstly I have never been interested in doing episodic shows and this is my first attempt. But I knew someone in the production house who forced me to come on board and I had to relent seeing how challenging the character was and the importance of such an issue to be brought to light,” said Aadesh.

    Speaking further on the track, he informed, “I play an angry young man Rajeev who is in love with a girl but after a huge fight between them he will throw acid on her to take revenge and abscond from there. Later the girl will come across me with another girl and tell her the truth about our past. She will also then go ahead and fight for her justice and bring me down.”

    So how was it to don such an evil character? Says the good looking actor, “Oh, it was really difficult, as I did not want to do such an out and out negative role. But then as an actor it’s your job to do every role that comes your way. Also to aware people of such heinous crimes someone has to take a step and portray character that would let people know about such wrong men in our society. Kisi ko to bura banna hoga acchai ke liye (someone has to become bad to bring out the good).”

    “It is really a great step for production houses to take up such plots and weave inspiring stories on them for viewers. These kinds of stories which highlight fight back attitude spark off a lot of positivity among people especially if they have gone through something similar in their life,” adds Aadesh.

    And how difficult was it to shoot an episodic, we asked, “It was quite difficult as the time limit is quite less for episodic and you have to shoot in various locations. Also with me doing Doli Armaanon Ki, I had to literally run between both the sets, but with such a wonderful team, it was a great experience definitely.”

    Catch Aadesh tonight in the episode of Halla Bol.



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