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    Default Are You Sex Addicted?

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    The rise and fall of Tiger Woods has all the ingredients of a midsummer night's tale-fantasy, splendor and romance along with a generous dose of drama! The global face of the elite game of golf, Tiger Woods rose to the status of being an icon. It was no wonder, therefore, that reports of his sexual excesses aroused gales of disbelief, but it soon became apparent that the golfer was good at other things too, besides golf !
    Tiger was accused of dalliances with several women on whom he is believed to have spent lavishly for their uninhibited co-operation. The latter, on their part, were only too happy to provide graphic details of his insatiety, and his generosity, by way of proof!

    Like betrayed wives across the world, Tiger's wife Elin too went through her share of emotions and reactions (that included landing a punch on her unfaithful husband's face) before she decided to call it quits. This prompted the golfer to seek help at a sex addiction clinic in Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services at Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His timing was perfect, because it brought his wife back to him-at least for a while!!

    According to a 2004 'Dateline' report, more than 16 million people around the world are sexually addicted. Approximately 80 per cent of them are men, with several celebrities finding a place on the list.

    Tiger must have been aware of his sexual obsession, of his incessant craving for varied forms of sex, especially those involving professional sex workers and porn ‘artists'. Then why did he wait, until hell broke loose, to seek help? It makes one wonder if sex addiction is indeed a malady that can be treated or if it is just an excuse for celebrity romps!!

    But regardless of what we think, experts believe that sex addiction is indeed a personality disorder of the compulsive obsessive kind that requires medical intervention.

    According to Dr Prakash Kothari, advisor to the World Association for Sexology, "Sex addiction is a personality disorder by and large where one's desires become uncontrollable, needs unquenchable and behavior compulsive."

    Sex addiction, known as ‘nymphomania' in women and ‘satyriasis' in men, involves ecstatic acts or fantasies that are usually outside the social norm. As the act triggers the release of natural pleasure- causing opioids and dopamine there is a need to indulge in it as often as possible, leading to addiction.

    Here, the addicted individuals are unable to be in control of their sexual urge and are obsessed with sexual thoughts, feelings or behaviors to such an extent that it affects their health, job, family relations and several other aspects of their lives.
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