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    Four men are sitting in a bar having drinks. One of the men goes to the bathroom. Then the three remaining men start to chat about their sons. The first man says:
    "My son is so great! He just got an honorable discharge from the army, and one of his friends gave him a million in stocks!"

    The second guy waves this off and says:

    "My son is even better. He just got to the CEO chair of a great company, and one of his friends gave him a new car!"

    The third guy waves both of them off and says:

    "My son is best of all! He just got into the House, got a 10 dollar an hour raise, and one of his friends just gave him a new house!"

    They start to argue, then the fourth guy comes back. They ask him about his son, and he says:

    "My son stinks! He started out as a hairdresser, is still a hairdresser after fifteen years, and he's gay! He must be pretty attractive though, cause he just gave his THREE boyfriends a million in stocks, a new car, and a house!"



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