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    Default :D How to put Movies on your Apple Device for free!

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    Hey guys, I'm bored, do I decided to tell you guys how I put free Movies and TV Shows on my iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or any other Apple devices. Before I start I just wanna say that you need Firefox to do this Here are the 7 steps:

    1. Download "DownloadHelper" from Firefox on your Laptop or PC. Here's the link to itDownloadHelper - Media download Firefox extension
    DownloadHelper is an add-on for firefox. Once it is done downloading there should be 3 little circles together on the top left corner of your Firefox browser after you finish installing.

    2. Once the download it completed, you can now download any video from pretty much any site there is. YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. For movies, I like to use this website:

    LetMeWatchThis | 1Channel - Watch Movies Online Free - Just Added

    It provides ALL the latest and old movies. It provides PutLocker and Sock Share links as well. Awesome website.
    *NOTE* Not all videos will be in HD, but they aren't bad

    3. Search for a movie on the website I provided, and once you find it click on a Sock Share or PutLocker link for that movie. (I am pretty sure all movies have either PutLocker or Sock Share links to them)

    4. I picked the movie "The Watch". So now you scroll down and look for a PutLocker or Sock Share link. Click on it and proceed. Now once the movie pops up, the three circles on the top left hand corner should be colored and should start moving. That means that it detected a video. Now click on the mini arrow next to the three circles and something should pop up that has the name of the movie and it ends with a .flv or .mp4. Hover over the link (DO NOT PRESS ON IT) and then you should see options. Press "Download" and a download options should pop up. Save the movie as a .MP4. You can name the movie whatever you want, just make sure it ends with a .MP4. If it has a .FLV replace it with a .MP4. Press download and just wait until the download it done.

    5. Now that the download it done, you will have to download a converter to convert the file (movie) to the device format. (iPad, iPhone, etc.) I use Total Video Converter Pro. It's totally free and awesome. Here's a link to the download:
    Total Video Converter For Mac -- AVI to MPEG Converter on Mac, Convert video for iPad, Convert Video Youtube FLV to MPEG Converter For Mac,AVI to DVD Converter,AVI to DivX Converter
    If you are using Windows, there is an option to download with that in the link I provided. Press Download, you don't have to buy the Converter.

    6. Once the converter is done downloading, you install it, open it up and then at the top left corner of the converter you should see "Add File". Press on that and then locate the file (movie) you downloaded. Once you choose it, it'll pop up in the empty box. Then in the "Format" section, choose your Apple Device. All of them are included, don't worry Then right next to the "Format" section should be another box in where you can choose the quality. Low, high, or normal. Choose high for better results obviously Also if you want to, check the box in where it says to open the file up in iTunes once it's done downloading. Then press convert.

    7. Once the file is done converting, open it up in iTunes. Plug your Apple Device in your computer. Then click on your device in iTunes, go to "Movies" and then locate your movie and then press the check box. Then press sync and boom, it's in your Apple Device

    Yes, I know it looks like A LOT of work, but once you do this once, you'll be able to do it easily the second time and in the future. You can add anything you like. TV shows and movies. Enjoy everyone!!!! I will also post how to add songs to your Apple Device for free.

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    Thanks! I also knew this site!

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    thanks for the this site it will be helpful.......

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    I know a easier way
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