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    Cool How to be a DUDE?

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    1. Well… you see, a dude is basically a boy who is handsome , dynamic, talented, athletic, tall, and funny. So, First thing to keep in mind, are you a football fan?

    If yes, green flag.. if not, become one… football is a necessary part of the whole DUDE concept.. you need not learn the terminologies, just learn a few club names and a few famous players… also if your friends love soccer (yes I am still talking about the same thing) then NEVER , EVER, say that you like Chelsea coz this is like a red card for you in the field of dudes (yes, red card means ban)

    Important lesson learned from point 1 : Learn new and cool things everyday. & Start hating Chelsea Football Club. So make events, like pages and post statuses like “I am a Messi Lover” (Trust me, as gay as it sounds, ppl will start noticing the new you.)

    2. Next thing, and probably much more important than football, is MUSIC. If u started singing Rebeca “*****” Black’s FRIDAY or Justin “GAY LESBO FARTNUGGET” Beiber’s BABY just after hearing the word music then get the f*ck out, you aren’t entitled for the rest of the guide. And if you didn’t, then good, now keep this in mind, you can’t even think of loving people like Justin Beiber and Rebecca black, they’re like… umm… , well what can be worse!!!

    3. What should you like? That’s easy like pissing in the wind, you have to say I like rock even if you don’t… in case you don’t, just learn these names, AC-DC, METALLICA, NIRVANA, LED ZEPPLIN, GUNS n ROSES and also a few like GREENDAY, THE SOLIDS and AEROSMITH. When your friends are talking about them , just say I love the song stairway to heaven and you’re good to go dude (yes, I just called u that)

    So share the best rock videos and links time to time.

    4. Dont try the dangerous stunts because it will not impress the girls it will make you look like a little ***** when fall down doing a stunt. the vehicle you drive… If u have a 200 cc bike and u know how to handle it…GO GO GO! we all know bikes are hot. But you know what’s hotter, a guy who knows how to drive one. Oh yes, to become a dude you don’t actually need a bike… u just need to know a few terms like WHEELY, stoppy etc… if u don’t know them, Learn it, watch the shitty videos on tube. now that petrol is expensive, feel safe on your pleasure (why should we let girls have the fun) and keep in mind, that whenever a conversation about bikes starts in your so-called dude friends , you should be ready to spit out the sentences containing all those terms.

    After all who wants to see you driving a bike on facebook… a profile pic of you sitting on a karizma is more than enough.

    As for another related thing, have some knowledge on cars… aston martin, Ferrari, Chevrolet, blah blah… if u don’t have this, Google will help you, after all Google is also a dude, Cars are hot… every dude in the world is born with car loving gland right next to the heart…

    Share a Bugatti Veyron pic on your wall right now!!!

    5. What now, probably the most amazing part till now, girls… there are 2 kinds of girls, one who are sensible and other who actually exist. So as we have to concentrate on those who exist, we’re not gonna talk sense with them… talk rubbish and try to sound as emotional as u can… at the same time , never forget you’re a cool dude who loves speed and sports , so repeat these chants as soon as you’re done talking to them.. “eminem is the king of rap , beiber is the queen of crap” or “Barcelona FCB is a hit and rest all is shit” (you can replace Barca with any club of your choice except for Chelsea)

    Well after reading all this I know you have a pretty good knowledge on how to become a dude on Facebook.

    When you’re doing this stuff on Facebook , no one cares if you’re 15, if you’re a looser in reality and if you’re actually an all different gender!!!

    I am gonna end this with one thing, you are what you are, try to improve and not to imitate, or you might just become what we evolved from!!
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