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    Default Black Ops 2 help!

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    I'm trying to get my Golden DSR-50 sniper rifle. All I need are 7 bloodthirstys. For all of you guys that don't know what a bloodthirstys are, it's getting a 5 kill streak with your gun only. No scorestreak or equipment kills. It's very very hard to get bloodthirstys for my DSR-50. Any tips? I try to stay stealthy, but that doesn't work out. I know how to Quickscope, but sometimes that doesn't work for me. Any game modes I should specifically play? I play Domination since there are lots of people in there flooding to get the B Flag. Ground War Domination is a good idea too since there are even more people. I played for hours and I am only able to get 3 bloodthirstys. Help!

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    Just Camp! Even though you might be an a$$hole for doing it, its the best way.



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