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    Default When a simple crush turns into an ugly obsession - catch the crime this weekend on [V] Gumrah....

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    Channel [V]’s Gumrah Season 3 (Lost Boy Productions and Balaji Telefilms) opened up last week with a heart-wrenching episode of a guy raping the girl he loves in order to marry her. The episode garnered a very good response, and now in its second week, Gumrah will see a story wherein a teenage guy’s simple crush turns into an ugly obsession.

    The episode will have seasoned actress Mouli Ganguly playing the role of Nalini, a single mother who is struggling very hard to meet both ends and take care of her child. Trouble in the form of a 16 year old Pratim enters her life, when she shifts to a new house. Pratim who happens to be Nalini’s neighbour is a quiet and shy guy interested in comics and astronomy. However, he is not like other boys of his age. Nalini who is attractive in every sense treats this guy as a brother, just in the way she would greet and talk with guys of that age. Pratim on the other hand takes on to an obsessive route and commits a crime that changes his and Nalini’s lives forever.

    When contacted, Mouli expressed her satisfaction as an actor on shooting for Gumrah. “I have never worked with such cameras before and I loved the way the scenes were shot. Gumrah is indeed an eye-opener for viewers. In this case, we talk about how a young kid gets infatuated with a widow in her thirties, who is the mother of a kid. It also shows the way in which society reacts to the basic attitude and dressing sense of this lady, who is otherwise attractive. She treats this young kid as she would talk to anybody else; her life as well as the guy’s life is shattered when he in his obsession goes on to do something that nobody could have imagined.”

    Talking in general about the youth of today, Mouli said, “In today’s era, kids are exposed to so many things, that it is extremely difficult to find out what goes on in their minds. Many of them turn out to be so complex internally that parents just cannot stop them from either slapping or being rude. They have to sit with them, talk to them about their problems and try to get them out of it.”

    Catch this gripping story of Gumrah this Sunday (14 July 2013) on Channel [V].



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